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Monday, August 24, 2009

My Mission in Diecast Cars

My mission is to search for new and interesting NASCAR diecast cars on a regular basis post what I find. I will post pictures, descriptions and my opinions on diecast cars, different manufactures of not only NASCAR diecast cars but others as well.

I may also comment on races, NASCAR, Indy, Formula One and others from time to time. I may even post something completely off topic if I think that you may find it interesting. I will also be looking forward to your comments (be nice) and input.

The diecast cars market seems to really be growing as more and more people are buying diecast collectables. I think that the internet and online purchasing have made it easier to find and buy the diecast items.

There are also different accessories for your diecast cars collection, just like model train collectors who set up complete towns with train stations, train yards, trees, houses, business, figurines and etc…. you can also collect figurines, car hosts, gas pumps, even complete garage set. Don’t forget to protect your NASCAR diecast cars with display cases; you can get display cases for a single car or multiple cars for wall mount. You should try to buy the display cases in bulk to save on cost; I try and find same good places to buy from and them in my blog.

Diecast cars come in different scales, some of the more popular ones are: 1:18, 1:24, 1:32, 1:43 and 1:64. I believe the most popular scale size in North America is the 1:24 scale, most NASCAR diecast cars come in this scale size. I used to collect the 1:32 scale but there wasn’t as large a selection as in the 1:24 scale, if you disagree please let me know where I can find a good selection of 1:32 scale diecast cars.

Keep collecting


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