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Monday, August 24, 2009

Kyle Busch NASCAR Diecast Car

Well it was Kyle Busch's turn to win at the NASCAR Bristol Sharpie 500. Good for him, he should be feeling better now. it's been awhile since his last win. We will see what happens from here on in.
Notice how all the NASCAR cars have multiple paint schemes, not like the old days when you only had one. Technology has come a long way since then, I guess it's a lot easier to change the paint schemes now. This just gives you more options when buying a NASCAR diecast car, you could have a collection of cars from the same driver.

Getting back to Kyle Busch, I really like the M & M's paint scheme; I don't know if it's the colours or the fact that I love M & M's. The 1:24 scale of the Kyle Busch 2009
M&MS Joe Gibbs Toyota #18 NASCAR diecast car is a nice looking car. It is a Limited Edition with opening roof flaps, trunk and hood. It's a nice diecast car to add to your collection.

Changing topic a bit, do you remember when the NASCARs were what they were, I mean a Dodge was Dodge, a Ford was Ford and a Chevy was a Chevy. If you wanted to race it had to be a production car, highly modified mind you but it looked like the one you bought from your local dealer. Just like Richard Pettys' 1970 Plymouth Superbird, with its pointy nose and high rear wing. Now they all just look the same. I remember my friends bragging about their Dads car and saying it was better and faster then your Dads, when their model was winning at the NASCAR track. But I guess that the way they are now makes it a more even field for everyone.

Looks like I got off track a bit but it's OK to go down memory lane once and awhile.

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