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Thursday, September 3, 2009

NASCAR in Quebec

That was some race in Québec at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on the weekend. It was a lot of fun watching them race in the rain, even with the rain tires cornering was a big issue. You had cars going off track and plying up in the corners it was wild. I thought for sure that the lead car would walk away with the win if he could keep away from the pack behind him. It was Marcos Ambrose’s race to win but Carl Edwards just kept closing in on his tail until he got within striking distance. And on the last corner of the race Marcos cuts the corner and his car is airborne, by the time he straightens out Carl flies by him to take the win and Marcos Ambrose loses yet again in Quebec.

It’s great to see NASCAR expand in Canada; it would be nice to see more races in Canada, whether it is Sprint, Nationwide or both. And having three Canadian drivers finish in the top ten is great, it should get the casual fans to follow the NASCAR series more closely. I think the best finish for Canadians or more so Quebecers would have been for Jacques Villeneuve to win the race as the track is named after father. Now that would have sparked a week long party. They should add a few more road courses in the future; they add that little extra excitement to the race. I also love the idea of racing in the rain, put on the rain tires and keep going, rather then waiting for the track driers to finish.
The fans at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve are very passionate, the weather is a non factor for them they just love the sport. I had the opportunity to be there for a Formula 1 weekend in 1982, it’s a beautiful track and I’m looking forward to attending a NASCAR event there one day.


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